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Swaddle 'Cocoon Sand' Merino wool

Swaddle 'Cocoon Sand' Merino wool

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Hvid Cocoon Sand baby swaddle, knitted from fine Italian merino wool. It gives your baby a sense of security, keeps them warm and soothing, the sack can be used with or without a hood and your baby's arms can be either inside or outside the swaddle. For the stroller or simply to carry on cold days.

Merino wool is a wonderful natural fiber that is just right for delicate and sensitive baby skin. It does not scratch, has an antibacterial effect and is self-cleaning. A brief airing in the fresh air is sufficient in most cases, but you can also gently wash the swaddle by hand in lukewarm water.

Delivery time : approx. 2-5 working days within Germany
Material : 100% merino wool
Size : 0-8 months
Label : Hvid
Care Instructions : It is not necessary to constantly wash merino wool as it is self-cleaning. Airing out is sufficient in most cases. If washed, then wash carefully by hand with lukewarm water at a maximum of 30° degrees and with a mild detergent for wool.

Made in Belgium
The Belgian label Hvid stands for timeless, hand-knitted and cuddly soft knitwear made from pure merino wool. The luxury quality knitwear for babies and toddlers is handknitted from pure natural fibers by Belgian artisans. At Hvid you will find cute baby booties, baby hats, knitted blankets in a timeless design and in absolutely high quality made from pure natural fibers and from 100 percent ethically responsible production.

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