Modern, neutral children's fashion and accessories

All products should be reusable among siblings, friends or other children. That's why we specialize in timeless, simple and gender-neutral styles that are good and easy to pass on to future generations. Our shop consists of a curated collection consisting of small, international labels that have been carefully selected.

Genderneutral babyfashion

Cute, neutral baby clothes by Australian brand Ziggy Lou. Perfect for newborn photography. Now available in limited quantities in Germany (EU).

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High-quality products made from merino wool

Merino wool is particularly gentle on sensitive baby skin . The fibers of soft merino wool are particularly soft and do not scratch the baby's delicate skin. Perfect especially for newborns.

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Merino wool favorites

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Favorite companion Tokki

Comforter 'Teddy Tokki' from the Belgian brand Hvid is one of the must-haves for the little ones. The Teddy Tokki is made from fine Italian merino wool and is finished by hand in the Belgian workshop. Merino wool does not itch or scratch and is also antibacterial, making it perfect for children with eczema or sensitive skin. Ideal for newborns or as a birth gift.

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