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Baby Goat Hair Brush

Baby Goat Hair Brush

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This is a soft baby brush that feels like a cloud. You and your baby will love this brush. Combine it with our baby hooded towels and make it a perfect gift for newborns or babies.

Delivery time: 2-5 business days
Label: Susukoshi
: 100% natural soft goat hair, 100% solid beech wood
Size : 19cm
Care instructions: HAIR: Wet with warm water and dry gently with a hair dryer. Occasional shedding of the brush is normal, please trim gently instead of pulling the bristles. WOOD: DO NOT immerse in water. Wipe to clean.

About the label :
This Australian brand makes beautiful baby clothes from the softest fabrics and in the most beautiful natural colours.

Susukoshi was founded in 2016 by Eve and Maggie, two passionate moms who personally struggled to find simple, comfortable baby and children's clothes that were easy to style and survived every fashion trend and season. Their aim is to offer something that children would love and mothers would appreciate.

Susukoshi is deeply inspired by Japanese design and architecture, which in its simplicity pays attention to detail, functionality and quality. The word 少し sukoshi itself means "small" in Japanese. This word explains their aim to maintain a more modest scale of production so that they can carefully handpick fabrics, colors and all other specifics.

Susukoshi's designs and collections are constantly evolving, but the same basic elements remain: sustainable, ethical, organic, unisex, effortless and suitable for all seasons, hence the muted neutrals and earth tones.

Susukoshi not only creates, but hopes to educate the younger generation about the value and importance of ethics and sustainability. They are convinced that our little ones deserve the best.

Susukoshi stands for organic and timeless.

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